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Late Shri Walchand Hirachand Doshi – popularly known as “Seth Walchand” was a industrialist who in the shortest span created an industrial empire. He has most of the first time industries in India to his credit list like Aircraft, Automobiles, Shipping, Construction, Sugar. A very dynamic, pioneer industrialist had a social commitment and formed many charitable trusts. Strongly backed and supported by his brothers. The family  became a backbone to the society. His family members namely his brothers Late Shri Seth Lalchand Hirachand, Gulabchand Hirachand and Ratanchand Hirachand formed a public charitable trust in the memory of their father Late Sri Hirachand Nemchand Doshi. The objective was to provide education and relief to the poor, medical relief, education in general and in particular hostel accomodation for students.

Seth Walchand Hirachand
Way back in 1941 the gents hostel for Jain students was started at Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk – Fergusson College Road. Then it was formalised in a Trust in 1954 and 1958. Even after 60 Years the Trust stands successfully committed to the objectives for which it was started. The history is as ….

* Trust And Trustees
Hirachand Nemchand Digambar Vidyarthi Gruha – Pune

Register Public Trust No – (A-756), Date- 02/08/1954

1) Mr. Ratanchand Hirachand Doshi – Chairman
2) Mr. Maniklal Ramchand Shah – Trustee

* This Trust was defunct in 1958.

From 1958, Trust was established as follows:-
Seth Hirachand Nemchand Smarak Trust

Register Of Public Trust E-1634 (BOM), Date- 12/08/1958

List Of Trustees:
1) Late Mr. Gulabchand Hirachand Doshi
2) Late Mr. Lalchand Hirachand Doshi
3) Late Mr. Phulchand Ramchand Gandhi
4) Late Mr. Manikchand Virchand Shah

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* From 1968, List of Trustees are as follows:-
1) Late Mr. Lalchand Hirachand Doshi – Mumbai
2) Mr. Arvind Raoji Doshi – Mumbai
3) Late Mr. Nalinchandra Fulchand Gandhi – Pune
4) Mr. Vidyachandra Manikchand Shah – Pune
List Of Pune Local Advisory Board Members:
1) Late Mr. Nalinchandra Fulchand Gandhi
2) Late Mr. Ratanlal Ramchand Shah
3) Mr. Vidyachandra Manikchand Shah

* Trustees Names :
1) Seth Chakor Lalchand Doshi, Chairman – Mumbai
2) Shri. Chirag Chakor Doshi, Trustee – Mumbai
3) Shri. Ramesh B. Jobanputra, Trustee – Mumbai
4) Shri. Giriraj S. Agrawal, Trustee – Mumbai
5) Shri. Chakor N. Gandhi, Trustee – Pune
6) Shri. Jayant N. Nandurkar, Trustee – Pune

* List of The Superintendents are as follows:-
1) Late Mr. Motilal Kothari – Phaltan (From 1954 to 1958)
2) Late Mr. Gulabchand Gandhi – Sonarikar
3) Mr. Dhananjay Shripal Shah
4) Late Mr. Mahajan
5) Late Mr. Wankudre
6) Late Mr. Manikchand Gandhi – Mhaisgaonkar
7) Mr. Raosaheb Hirachand Shah – Modnimbkar (From 1975 to 1983)
8 ) Mr. Surendra Motichand Gandhi – Dudhanikar (From May-1982 to till date)

* List Of the Initial Honorable Donors in 1958 are as follows:-
1) Mrs. Kasturbai Walchand Trust Rs. 3,13,000=00
2) Walchand And Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Rs.    50,000=00
3) Mrs. Kasturbai Walchand (Charity) Trust Rs.    45,000=00
4) Seth Hirachand Nemchand Dharmaday Fund Rs.    30,000=00

Initially the hostel, Seth Hirachand Nemchand Digambar Jain Boarding was at Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Fergusson College Road from 1941 to 1960. In 1960, the Seth Hirachand Nemchand Digambar Jain Boarding was shifted to a newly built specious premise near Deep Bungalow Chowk at Gokhale Cross Road, Model colony.

The Hostel has been planned and built with such a vision that even after 40 Yrs. i.e. today, the utilities are up-to-date and sufficient. The premises are specious with lush green environment, away from the crowd but still in the center of the city very conveniently located.

The Hostel provides accommodation to 230 students coming to Pune from all over India and mainly from all districts of Maharashtra. The students come to take education in the fields of C.A., Engineering, Medicine, Law, Architecture, M.B.A., Arts, Commerce, Science etc.

The location of Hostel is within 3 Kms radius from Pune University, BMCC College, Shivajinagar, Symbiosis College, Modern College, Fergusson College, FCII, MMCC, etc.
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From 1941 to 2003, almost 6000 students have taken advantage of SHND hostel. The stay has enabled them to provide right environment to concentrate on studies in their respective fields. The students have reached an eminent and respectable position in their life. We are glad that the S.H.N.D. Trust’s SHND has been of great use in shaping so many lives and careers.

HND is known for excellent infrastructure, very good and peaceful atmosphere and environment. Moreover it is known for personal attention, discipline, adding moral values and laying lots of stress on self development. The parents and the students hence feel and are assured that is home away from home which adds value to life.